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Los Angeles Book Signing

I am so happy and excited. Of course, that mask is hiding the huge, spreading-from-ear-to-ear smile on my face. And you can’t see the feeling of relief being lifted from my shoulders because Sule the Proverb Detective: The Case of the Tied-up Lion has finally been published, but trust me, it’s there too. When I launched the SULE Kickstarter Campaign in October 2015, I had NO idea it would take six years, YES – six years for me to publish the book. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when I started the self-publishing journey. But there was one thing I did know and that was this: I wanted to create a book on par with the traditional publishers. And I must say – mission accomplished. There were some high and lows during the journey, and I’ll blog about a few of them some other time, but for now – I’m celebrating Sule’s success! Sule the Proverb Detective - The Case of the Tied-up Lion: Rene Rawls, Brittnie Brotzman: 9781735547909: Books

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