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Fort Lauderdale Book Signing

When my sister suggested that I hold my book signing at Sunland Park Academy (formerly Sunland Park Elementar), I couldn't have been more excited. For 42 years, my mom (Annie Ruth Rawls) served as the school's librarian, and I had spent countless hours there with her, surrounded by books. Of course, at the time I didn't know I would become an author, nor was I aware of the influence all those books were having on me. But life has a way of continuously preparing you for your life. It's forever evolving and unbeknownst to us, unfolding perfectly for both the present and future. Unfortunately, many times, these moments go unnoticed and aren't acknowledged. But for me, December 5, 2021, was momentous. I am so very honored that I was able to have my Fort Lauderdale book signing with family and friends at the Annie Ruth Rawls Media Center! The place where it all began.

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