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LA Times Festival of Books

The LA Times Festival of Books was held April 22 - 23, 2023, and I was presented with an opportunity to share a booth with Patrick Oliver, the founder of Say It Loud! Readers and Writers, and other distinguished authors. Oliver's organization is dedicated to literacy, and that's exactly what was being celebrated at the festival. Yes, it was great to sell books, but it was also amazing to see thousands of people who love and appreciate reading. There were titles for everyone's interest and seeing parents encourage their kids to read was heartwarming.

I'm sure authors want to know if it was worth it. Well, in terms of book sales, I actually did better than I thought I would. I took about 160 books and sold 32-35 of them. So that's about 20% of my inventory (I think I did the math right). That wasn't too bad. I made all of my sales Saturday and none on Sunday. But what I've learned is that you never know how events like this will pay off in the future. And I met so many people that I know it can and will happen.

Truly believing that all things are happening for my best and highest good is what keeps me going in both business and life! I'm headed to Atlanta to speak at a couple of schools, and then it's off to the Tampa Bay Music, Film, Books, & Black Arts Festival. Sheryl Lee Ralph from Abbott Elementary will be there. I'll get her a copy of Sule the Proverb Detective so he can make an appearance on the show! I know it'll happen because I it will.

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