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Hampton Book Signing

For those who came out to show your support for me and SULE during Homecoming – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Whether you bought books, spread the word, or even came by to say hello, I truly appreciate you! Many of you have asked, "How'd you do at the book signing?" And if I'm totally honest, and I just look straight at the numbers, the truth is.... I went in the hole. Of course, my plan was to sell out during Homecoming! But we all know that we have to leave room for God's plan. This trip wasn't about selling books. It was about me reconnecting with my Hampton Family. You see, God didn't give me what I wanted (at least not yet), but He gave me what I needed. And I needed you, HU Family. I needed you telling me – it’s gon' be alright. I needed your hugs, your genuine laughter, your dancing, your conversations, your music, your memories, your sounds, your love. I needed you and you delivered. Thank you. I love you, Hampton University! Until next year. Check me out dancing when I should've been selling books

Sule is headed to Homecoming! He wanted a window seat.

Besides selling books, we raised $2000 in scholarships.

Our lovely logo thanks to Diane Wilson Onwuchekwa!

This pirate loves us!

Should have been trying to sell some books!

HU supported us!

Headed home!

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